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After Care Options


Some people prefer to bury their own pets on their property.  This can be a nice option if you have small children, sometimes being involved with the burial can help with closure.  Different cities have different regulations however, so you would need to check with your city prior to choosing this option. Other people like to bury their pets in a pet cemetery and this can be arranged for you.

Private Cremation (prices vary by size)

Many people choose to have their pet privately cremated and their ashes returned to them.  We can assist you with this by making all your pets' arrangements after you have said goodbye.

Non-Private Cremation (prices vary by size)

We will take your pet's remains with us to be delivered to the crematory where your pet's remains will be cremated in a non-private cremation but your pet's remains will not be returned to you.

In Georgia you have a choice of crematories that are available locally.  Our crematory choice maintains the highest standards of quality and care.  We have created a package of services, to ensure personal attention.  Should you have a special request or service need, please let us know.  Oftentimes these can be accommodated.

Pet Aquamation (prices vary by size)

An eco friendly alternative to pet cremation is now available through  

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