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Charitable Giving


Welcome.  Supporting our community is integral to our practice philosophy.   Mercy Animal Hospice has developed our own Community Giving Goals and Guidelines that we feel are consistent with our core beliefs and values. 


Before requesting a donation, please review the following criteria.  Mercy Animal Hospice supports the following organizations or criteria:


  • Locally or internationally based and serve the community

  • Directly benefit children/ families, animals, and the arts

  • Support efforts toward diversity, acceptance, public safety, poverty/ homelessness issues and environmental concerns


In a year's time we receive many requests for donations, all for worthy causes.  Those organizations that most closely align with our Giving Goals and Guidlines will receive priority status. 


If you would like to make a charitable request, please mail details about your fundraiser and flyer to the address below with Attention to "Charitable Donation Request".


Thank you.


The Mercy Animal Hospice Staff

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