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​The decision to euthanize your pet can be one of the most difficult times of your life. However, home euthanasia is one of the kindest gifts you can ever give to your beloved pet...ending their pain and suffering surrounded by those that love them in the comfort of their home.

In home pet euthanasia allows you to be more involved in every aspect of your pet's final moments. Your home provides a relaxed environment for you and a familiar place for your faithful companion to make their transition the most loving, peaceful and dignified experience.

As you consider home euthanasia for your dog, cat or other pets, you don't need to feel alone. We offer helpful resources to answer questions and explain the process of putting your pet to sleep so you feel fully supported in making this decision.

Express Pet Vaccination Clinic

Our veterinarian is experienced and  has practiced small animal medicine, surgery and emergency medicine in Georgia for over 14 years. 


In our new Duluth practice location, we provide wellness care to our patients during our express pet clinic hours.  Vaccines and wellness care services are provided at affordable prices to the general public.  No appointment is necessary.



Companion animal hospice care is now a better alternative for the terminal patient. Rather than further heroic attempts to cure illness, you, your primary veterinarian and I work together to make your pet as comfortable managing pain and controlling symptoms as much as is possible during their final days at home. 

Pet Hospice (Pawspice) supports and upholds the wishes, goals and values of our patient's families.  During illness, your pet may suffer from losses of certain functions of daily living. Our team will help you identify, address and correct some of those.  You can also turn to us to help you recognize the signs of impending death and the process of euthanasia, because we understand how difficult it is to know when the time is right to make that decision.

Educational and Public Speaking

Dr Green Solomon is committed to spreading the word about animal hospice care and encouraging the next generation to become veterinarians. 

With this very diverse range of experience and expertise in the animal care industry, she is now available for consultant services to advise  pet businesses or industries as well as philanthropic entities on numerous topics related to these fields. 

We thank Future Vet and the Banfield Charitable Trust for approviding a grant to allow her to provide these as well as gift materials to students.  She is available for career and educational speaking engagements throughout Georgia and Caribbean.  Should you need her as a speaker, feel free to contact her.

Private Comfort Room Package
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