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In Home Euthanasia.....

                           ...this is Jolie's Legacy

In celebration of life and in loving memory of the pets that have passed.

Uploaded by HomePetEuthanasia on Oct 1, 2010

This video is meant to be an educational video on the in-home euthanasia procedure. It was made with the intention to prepare pet owners who are facing this difficult event, also to demystify the procedure and show what a peaceful event this is for the pet and how it can be made meaningful for the family.


I want to acknowledge and thank the Swanson-Parmentier Family who has agreed to be part of this project. Despite their pain and sadness in the loss of Jolie, they selflessly lent themselves to the camera and shared this very personal experience in the hope that it would help other families faced with the loss of a cherished pet.  This is Jolie's legacy.

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