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Additional FAQs about In Home Euthanasia

We understand that you may have may questions regarding this process.  We hope to to attempt to answer them here.  Please feel free to discuss your concerns with our team at any time.


Will you sedate my pet prior to euthanasia?

Every pet will receive sedation/anesthesia prior to euthanasia.  The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement and other professionals who specialize in this service now consider this to be a standard of medical care.  Since every pet is different, we have several different types of sedation and anesthesia so that we can choose the right protocol for your individual pet and situation. Pain medications are a part of our protocol as well, so your pet will be comfortable. Most of the time, sedation will help your pet to take a nap, though sometimes it just makes them very sleepy but awake. Either way, they are pain free and very comfortable in your arms.


How is the sedation given to my pet?

The sedation will be administered by an injection through a small needle. This injection can cause minor discomfort as any injection would, but the discomfort will only last moments and is completely gone by the time the injection is done. This will be the only momentary discomfort felt by your pet during the entire appointment.


Will you have to place an IV catheter in my pet?


Yes. After your pet is well sedated, we will need to place an IV catheter in his/her leg. This will not be uncomfortable since he/she will be sleeping from the sedation.  In rare instances, with our very old and dehydrated patients, catheter placement may not be possible.  These patients may require an alternate option that is equally painless.


What will euthanasia be like for my pet?

Euthanasia means inducing the death of an animal in a humane and painless manor. The euthanasia drug that is used is a very common anesthetic agent, one that is used regularly in veterinary and human hospitals. If you have ever had surgery, you should remember the anesthesiologist asking you to count backwards from 10, then you drift off to sleep. This is exactly how your pet will feel. The only difference is euthanasia will use an extreme overdose of the anesthetic agent which will cause your pets heart to stop.


How long will it take my pet to pass after the injection is given?

Your pet will drift to sleep within seconds of starting the IV injection. He or she will pass within seconds after the injection is given. The veterinarian will listen to your pet after the euthanasia has been given and will let you know when your pet has passed, however you will likely already know

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