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How do I know my pet is ready for Pet Hospice?

Pet Hospice typically serves patients diagnosed with a terminal illness having 3 months or less to live. When the goal of treatment begins to shift from curing the illness to providing comfort, it is time to consider hospice.

What major services are provided by the Gifted Hands Pet Hospice team?

​We follow the Pet Hospice 5-Step Strategy for Comprehensive Care
1.    Evaluation of the pet owners needs, beliefs, and goals for the pet.
2.    Education about the disease process, aging and pain management.
3.    Development of a personalized plan for the pet and pet owner.
4.    Application of hospice care techniques.
5.    Emotional support during and after the process.
What services are not provided by Gifted Hands Pet Hospice?

Hospice care is not intended for chronic diseases without a terminal diagnosis

Any wellness or other routine medical care. 

Who are the Gifted Hands Pet Hospice team?

Our Pet Hospice team includes a group of specially trained veterinary professionals. A team of two members is normally assigned to each pet.They work to facilitate your animal's comfort and are supervised by our  Hospice veterinarian.

How much does Pet Hospice cost?

Our services are affordable but vary depending on your pet's specific needs.   Packages and rates are discussed once a Hospice Plan is discussed.

Where is Gifted Hands Pet Hospice located?

Our Pet Hospice care is provided for your pet in your own home. This program is intended for those that live within our current service area.

How can I receive these services for my pet?

Ask your veterinarian to refer you to our program using our referral form.  Please be certain to authorize that all medical records also be forwarded to us prior to your appointment.

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